✷ Happy 5th Birthday Atelier Four! ✷


We’re a little late on this one but celebrated last weekend after another milestone!

As always a huge Thank You to all our wonderful clients throughout the years, our friends, families and local businesses for always supporting us & believing in us!

Forever grateful to our ever growing team for their constant hard work, passion & dedication to this crazy industry we call our ‘jobs’ 🖤 RaduRemyMattEmilySiân, & Max!

A special thank you to all our Guest Artists and extended team Bex & Matthew 🖤 such a pleasure getting to work with you all and be constantly inspired!

Atelier Four 🖤

Top Tattoo Studio in Cornwall 2019!


For the 3rd year running we have been voted as one of the Top 3 Tattoo Studio's in Cornwall according to the 'Three Best Rated' an independent company handpicking business's from reviews, reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, nearness, trust, cost, and general excellence.

We are very proud to have received this again, the team work very hard and a little recognition goes a long way for us and means so much. 

We are passionate and sincere about this industry and the work we do. Every comment, like and praise we get is massively appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed.

Thank You! 

Microblading at Atelier Four

With Ayres Beauty Therapy

We are very excited to welcome Bex to the Atelier Four team from November 2018! Specialising in Microblading. This semi-permanent technique involves using pigment and a hand tool (comprised of a row of tiny needles) to create channels in the skin in a hair stroke formation. It offers a solution to thinning, over-plucked and asymmetrical brows for clients of all ages.

She is also running a special Introductory offer until Christmas, a set of brows for only £199!* (Usually £299!) Don’t miss out, get your beautiful brows ready for all those Christmas Festivities! *Patch test required at least 24 hours prior to treatment.


Please contact Bex via email for all enquiries : ayresmicroblading@gmail.com

You can see more Microblading results on her profile HERE or to keep up with the latest on Instagram: @Bex_Ayres_Microblading 


Meet Apprentice Max

From September 2018 we’re very excited to welcome Max to the Atelier Four team as our apprentice! Take a look below at his incredible artwork and get to know a little about him!

Having an interest in the tattoo industry from a very early age to then go on to study Fine Art at higher education, Max is now pursuing his passion for art and making it his career.

He already has extensive knowledge of tattooing being a client for many years, collecting a vast amount of tattoos himself from many different artists. Always paying huge attention to the art and work involved in getting tattooed has enabled him to learn the process in detail over the years.

Max’s impressive artwork is predominantly portrait based, specialising in realistic colour work. During his apprenticeship he will be taking on commission drawings for Family & Pet portraits , you can send him your requests using to: max_wood_art@outlook.com

You can follow Max on his official Instagram page @max_wood_art

More of Max’s artwork can be seen on his profile HERE.

The Tattoo Collective 2018

For the second year running our realism artist Radu was kindly invited to attend The Tattoo Collective, a unique and innovative tattoo convention showcasing the best of British & Irish studios and inspirational art exhibitions at The Old Truman Brewery, London.

150 pioneering tattoo artists from selected studios within Britain and Ireland were carefully chosen to attend in March 2018, hand-picked by Miki Vialetto organiser of the London Tattoo Convention and Tattoo Life magazine.

The Tattoo Collective is unlike most Tattoo Conventions, it focuses completely on the tattoo art produced by the incredible UK talent that we have today and their artwork showcased in a huge exhibition within the Convention. Nothing fancy, no flame throwing half-dressed women or sword swallowers. It really is all about the art and taking everything back to basics of the industry we love. 

Thank you Miki and Nadine once again for the opportunity of attending and congratulations on another very successful year! See you next time!

We've included a few highlights in the short video and photos below, there was A LOT to include but you get the idea. Happy Watching!

A few photos from the weekend....

Radu Rusu tattooing at the Tattoo Collective this year.

Phil's colour realism piece for which Radu pick up his best in realism award.

Phil's colour realism piece for which Radu pick up his best in realism award.

Congratulations Radu on your award!

After a successful launch at The London Tattoo Convention, The Imperial Tattoo Army returned; this exclusive exhibition features renowned tattoo artists Jondix, Hanumantra, Jordan Croke, Guen Douglas, Lenu, Maarten Emily, Victor Chil and Vlady, who have each taken part to create eight stunning and completely unique artworks on Original Stormtrooper canvases.


Stylistically, the artist is known for his use of unconventional mediums and re-imaginings of established forms from across art history. Grasso has been based in England since 2017, working as a multimedia artist who embraces media from sculpture to tattoos. Dario currently tattoos at NR Studios, Cheltenham.

Below are a few images of his incredible works displayed this year at the Tattoo Collective.

Photo Credit to The Guardian

Photo Credit to The Guardian

Photo Credit to The Guardian

Photo Credit to The Guardian

Photo Credit to The Guardian

Photo Credit to The Guardian

Your Guide to Getting Tattooed, Safely.

Whilst art is in the eye of the beholder and your choice of Tattoo Artist & Studio is strictly your preference there are safety standards that every Studio & Artist should adhere to. Here we believe that tattooing and being tattooed in a safe way is hugely important and wanted to give you a small guide on...

'How to get tattooed safely'.

To make sure you are in the right hands when making such a huge decision of wearing your art for life. Here are a few tips of what you should be looking for when considering a tattoo, which will help you to make an informed decision on your personal safety.

What to look for in a safe studio.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo choose a safe, reputable studio. It is crucial that proper hygiene and safety standards are followed. Risks increase dramatically if untrained individuals attempt the procedure on themselves or others.

When you walk into a Studio, does it smell and look clean? Very clean? This is key, as the Studio should be ensuring first impressions are what they are supposed to be. That being, a clean, tidy and well kept work place and environment.

Are the Artist's licenses displayed? Both the premises and the Artists should be licensed to practice tattooing under their local licensing authority. If you can't see these displayed clearly, ask to see them, and if they don't have them do not get tattooed.

If not displayed, ask to see the Artist's portfolio. Make sure they have experience and you feel comfortable with them. If at any point they are inappropriate or make you feel uneasy, leave.


You should always be given a consent form to fill out before the tattoo procedure, this should explain the risks involved in tattooing. If you look young, you should also be asked to provide proof of age, it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

When sitting down with your Artist, their workstation, bed, armrest, lamp, chair and anything that may come into direct contact with either of you should be wrapped in clingfilm or another form of plastic wrap. Do you want to get tattooed on a bed or chair that has someone else's blood on?


They should have Hand Sanitiser, Alcohol Wipes, Single use tissues, and also anything like this should be thrown into a separate Clinical Waste bin next to them. 

Needles and other "sharps" should only be used once and should be opened (from individual packages) in front of you before the procedure.

Inks used in tattooing should be placed in a single-use cup and then disposed. Ink should never be taken directly from the main source bottle or returned to that bottle!

Whenever the Artist comes into contact with you at anytime, they should be wearing gloves, no exception. Even when the tattoo is finished, you effectively have an open wound and this should not be touched without the use of gloves.


Aftercare advice should be explained clearly to you, and a leaflet containing this information should be given to you to take home. They should also offer good quality aftercare products as these are specifically designed for the healing process, unlike drug-store branded products, which may be cheaper but unsuitable for tattoo aftercare.

Lastly ASK QUESTIONS, don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you like. Your safety is paramount and the Artist or Studio shouldn't have any problem with being able to answer your questions clearly and do their upmost to ensure you understand the process.


Stay Safe

Atelier Four

If you have any concerns about the tattooing process and would like to speak to us, please contact us here.

Voted Top Tattoo Studio in Cornwall!

Aterlier 4-53 copy (1).jpg

We've been voted as one of the Top 3 Tattoo Studio's in Cornwall according to the 'Three Best Rated' an independent company handpicking business's from reviews, reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, nearness, trust, cost, and general excellence.

We are very proud to receive this, the team work very hard and a little recognition goes a long way for us and means so much. 

We are passionate and sincere about this industry and the work we do. Every comment, like and praise we get is massively appreciated!

Thank You! 

You can view the Top 3 Studios in Cornwall by following this link.


Manchester Tattoo Appeal

Update on the Manchester Tattoo Appeal

To date the Manchester Tattoo Appeal has raised £447,248, almost the half a million mark!

Thank you to everyone that came in and got their Worker Bee tattoos to show support to the great City of Manchester, £500 was raised by the Studio and donated to the appeal!


Together with Artist's across the country we are offering the Manchester Worker Bee Tattoo for a minimum donation of £50, to raise money for the families and victims of the terror attack at the Manchester Arena. 💔

All monies collected will be donated to the just giving page set up by Tattoo Artist Sam Barber.

As we are already fully booked and we have VERY limited slots over the next couple of weeks to do these so get in touch with us, slots will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Please call the Studio on 01872 260904 to book in.

This Bee was done by Remy! thanks Paul for your donation. 🐝


Manchester Worker Bee tattoo by our artist Remy.


If you don't want a tattoo or don't have the time but would still like to donate you can do so here.

We thank our Artists for giving their time to do this and those who have donated to this very special cause.

Stay strong Manchester ❤︎

Sian Rusu, Atelier Four

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed Exhibition

Last night the Team attended the opening preview of this new and exciting Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, Cornwall.

It was a celebration of the History of Tattooing, how it has evolved into what it is today and we were joined by Artist's, Contributor's and some of the founding Fathers in the Tattoo Industry, Lal Hardy and Doc Price. Who's work and contribution to the world of Tattooing has shaped what it is today.

Doc Price (left) and Lal Hardy (right) at the Exhibition.

Photo Credit to Lal Hardy.

Instagram: LalHardy

This Exhibition will not only attract people that share a passion for tattoos and art but it will be a great insight for those who don't know much about this little world that we are a part of. It celebrates the creativity, and how Tattoos have come from being limited to the Sailors and the Freak Shows to this modern day where having a tattoo is not defined by gender, class, age or career. That under our clothing anyone can have a tattoo, that the stigma isn't so strong and they are becoming more acceptable. Whether Tattoos are your 'cup of tea' or not, it's there and has so much history to it, this Exhibition is a perfect way of celebrating that.

The 100 Hands Project

The ‘100 Hands Project’, curated by Alice Snape of ‘Things and Ink’ magazine, is based around one hundred silicone arms, each tattooed with an original design by 100 of the leading tattoo artists working across the UK. The pieces have been created by the incredible talent that is the Tattoo Industry today, if anyone out there still think that the Sailor Jerry style tattoos are only what is on offer this will show them how far this industry has come, tattoos are incredible pieces of art that we are able to carry with us everyday.

100 Hands Contribution by

Radu Rusu 

100 Hands Contrubution by

Matt Finch

Our resident Artists, Matt Finch and Radu Rusu, have both contributed a piece to the 100 Hands Project, and are so honoured to be part of it alongside so much talent.

Radu Rusu (left) & Matt Finch (right)

100 Hands Contributing Artists

The Exhibition runs from now until the 7th January 2018, a definite must see if you're in the Cornwall area!

For more information and what else is on at the Museum you can visit their official website.

A special thanks to Derryth Ridge at the Maritime Museum for including us in this and congratulations to you for bringing all of it together!
Sian Rusu, Atelier Four