Guest Artist - Jannali Hepple

Really excited to have Jannali back with us for a few dates in December! She will be with us for the following dates: 11th-15th December 2018

Jannali is well-known established Artist originally from Cornwall, now focusing on her career through travelling she is joining us for a few dates on her next trip home! Describing her style as Botanical Linework, she uses her interest in gardening and nature and translates this into her designs and artwork. Creating beautiful, flowing botanical tattoos.

After completing her apprenticeship in Falmouth, Cornwall, Jannali now travels throughout Europe as a Guest Artist to further her career and knowledge along the way. Recently guesting at Embers Lane Tattoo in Germany, Occult Tattoo Brighton and with our friends at Hand in Hand in Plymouth.

Jannali's dates were snapped up on her last visit so get in touch!

For appointments you can contact Jannali directly here: or alternatively use the 'BOOK NOW' section on the website to enquire and select 'Jannali' as your preferred Artist.