Tattoo Artist - Remy Nurse

Remy specialises in bespoke illustrative tattoos in Black & Grey.

Beginning her career in illustration and design, she now merges aspects of her detailed line work, realism and geometry to create surreal and intriguing pieces.



Remy is now FULL BOOKED until April 2020 - she currently isn’t taking on any new projects at this time as it is imperitive to her and her clients that ongoing projects are finished.

From January 2020 she will be taking new clients - dates to be announced, please keep an eye out across our Social Media pages as to when. Thank you!

Remy started her Apprenticeship at Atelier Four at the end of 2015, she began tattooing in the summer of 2016 and in a very short amount of time became the Studio's Junior Artist by January 2017. Remy is now a fully qualified, confident and knowledgeable artist.

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Remy draws her inspiration largely from Natural History, incorporating elements of anatomy, botany, herbalism, physiology and spirituality. Remy works closely with her clients to form tattoos that are completely personal and distinctive.

Most recently attending the Cornwall Tattoo Convention 2018, Remy looks to attend more conventions in the near future. Following a recent Guest Spot in Weymouth she also hopes to continue gaining knowledge by Guesting around the UK and beyond in the future. Remy is also featured in Alice Snapes book ‘Tattoo Street Style’.

She also sells limited edition prints of her illustrations, you can find these in the Studio and available at conventions.

For appointments with Remy please get in touch using our Enquiry Form.