Founded by husband and wife Team - Radu & Siân…


Atelier Four opened its doors in the Summer of 2014, at the time Radu - a full time travelling Artist guesting in some of the most renowned Studios in Germany, Sweden & Denmark and Siân - an Office Manger and Assistant to Radu. Wanting to spend more time at home & with family, putting their heads together and opening their own Studio was the dream. Creating an artistic work space comfortable for everyone, a place where coming to work didn’t feel like a job.

After all if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

'“We realised Cornwall seemed to be missing out when it came to artistic expression through tattooing, and was quite secluded when it came to the modern-day tattoo industry. We wanted it to be more about the experience, and concentrate on how important it was for our clients to be completely relaxed and have a much more professional approach.

Not only did we endeavour to open a new Studio and bring artwork with us that Cornwall hadn’t seen, we wanted to use our connections with fellow Tattoo Artist friends and give them the opportunity to work in this beautiful part of the country. This is where the idea of regular Guest Artists came from and we are now lucky enough to host a new Guest Artist almost every month.

The team has evolved greatly over the last 5 years - artists, apprenticeships, laser removal and now semi-permanent makeup. We are incredibly proud of our team and all of their artistic progress and achievements, its an absolute pleasure coming to work with them every day.

The Studio seems to go from strength to strength every year and we cant wait to show you whats next….”

Radu & Siân